Brooklyn & Elijah Meridian Idaho Temple Exit | Idah Wedding Photographer

Every now and then, you meet people in your life without truly knowing the impact they'll have in your life. I met Maci a few years at my first weekend workshop hosted by Kylee. Little did I know these ladies that I'd spend a few days with, would be long term friends. 

I've been wanting to do an out of state wedding for a while now but just like everything else, it didn't get all of my focus because my to-do list is a mile long. Until I got an email from Cortnee asking me if I was free to do her sisters wedding in Idaho. Something had happened with their original photographer and her friend Maci, recommend me. My answer? HECK YES! 

I immediately contacted Maci to thank her for recommending me. Word of mouth is so incredibly important but another photographer recommending you? The biggest compliment I could ever receive. 

To make it that much better, their family was so amazing and I was able to stay with their aunt Julie who was so AWESOME and truly made me feels so welcome. The day of the wedding was a bit hectic so Julie was kind enough to take me back to the temple the next day before I left and I'm so glad she did! The temple was empty and I got the most beautiful photos. 

April 2019 Mini Sessions

This year I wanted to do something different when it came to my mini sessions. So I held minis in an all white studio that has some fun moveable walls in Sandy, Utah. Normally, a majority of the studios I like to use are located in Downtown Salt Lake City but this one was perfect because it's right off the freeway and closer to me :) 

The weather lately has been so nutty and unpredictable that I wanted something a little bit more predictable. The studio was the perfect solution! I also wanted to do something more affordable for families that just wanted a few photos since I get that request so often.

First up was Laura and her hubby. She's so funny, when I posted the information about about my spring mini sessions she asked "can puppies come, he's like my puppy." My response? Of course! 

3 ways to thank your photographer

Being a small business owner, a photographer or someone that offers a service, knowing your customer is happy is the BEST feeling in the world. As a consumer myself, I never realized the importance of thanking someone. Especially in an age where it can be done so easily, why not help someone with their business? 

Collaboration with Botanical Eden

One of my favorite things to do as a photographer, is plan styled shoots. Working with Utah vendors like florists, bakers or gown vendors in a gorgeous venue like the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple is so fun! 
It's extremely stressful planning your own but incredibly rewarding. When you plan it yourself, you get to do it exactly how you want and it feels AMAZING to see it come together. But because it's so stressful, it's fun to go to other shoots that are already planned. My favorite things about attending those is you get to meet other photographers you probably wouldn't meet planning one for yourself.

Locations, Locations, Locations. In Utah! | Utah Photographer

As a Utah photographer it’s important for me to know all the popular locations for photography in Utah.  From Salt Lake County to Utah County, you’ll find a few options in this article to determine the look you’d like for your own photos. I'll show examples of the Utah Capitol,The Great Saltair and the Highland Gardens Nursery.

I like exploring locations because it gives my clients variety for their sessions and it encourages me to learn more about our beautiful state. Living in Utah and being a photographer, makes for tricky situations because our weather can be so nutty sometimes! That being said, we all have our favorite locations that we can count on every year. One of those being the blossoms at the Utah Capitol located in Downtown Utah.

Especially this year, after what felt like a crazy long winter, we were all anxiously want for them to bloom and have some color again! They can be a little tricky; not only lighting wise but it’s a gorgeous place which can make it a tad bit busy sometimes. But always well worth the wait.  

Great Salt Lake | Utah Photographer

As a mom, it’s really easy for us to get sidetracked with the day to day duties. For some of us, it’s a combination of; go to work, make dinner, care for the kiddos, spend time with hubby, study for school. On and on the list goes. Freezing memories with our babies falls into that category. They have photos with their siblings, grandparents, dad, family members but what about mom? When our kiddos get older, will they photos of their mom giving them baths? Dressing them for school or backing cookies? Probably not. 

Allie in South Jordan, Utah | Utah Photographer

Lately, the creative juices have been flowing and I finally got to do something that it’s been on my mind for what feels like FOREVER. I’ve always wondered, would I be able to create images I LOVED in not so ideal location? There are obviously the locations we all love. In Utah, it’s Big Cottonwood Canyon, Tibble Fork or the Great Sale Lake. But what if it wasn’t one of these gorgeous locations? Would the pictures be just as good? Keep reading to find out :)

Shyanne & Sebastian, Utah Couple Session | Utah Wedding Photographer

Meet Shyanne and Sebastian! I got to photograph them last year at the beginning of their relationship and feel so lucky to be a part of their love story. We did their session on a rooftop and during “harsh” light which was/is not something I’ve mastered yet. Which is why I thought it would be a great idea to do it at that time. It was in one of those moments that I was struggling creatively and needed something different to do. This was definitely it! 

Cheyenne's bridals & bridesmaids; Spring City, Utah | Utah Wedding Photographer

I remember Cheyenne was getting ready, had her dress on and there was a little bit of chaos with all the bridesmaids getting ready. Her makeup was done, she looked AMAZING but she was dealing with the usual bride stuff about the wedding. I can’t remember exactly how it came up but I asked her if she got her bridals done in Alaska and she looked at me with a confused look on her face. What are bridals?

At home family session; Salt Lake City, Utah | Utah Photographer

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been CRAZY lucky to have been able to photograph Caitlin and her family several years in a row now. One thing that I love about our sessions is that she is always up for doing something different and usually tries to do a different season each year. So, when Caitlin reached out to me about doing an in-home family session I was over the moon excited!

Cheyenne & Kelly, Alaska Bride- Spring City, Utah

I heard about Cheyenne and Kelly through Facebook, I read that their wedding was coming up in a few weeks (yes, a few WEEKS) and that their original photography felled through. I immediately reached out to see if we were a good fit. Turns out, we were :)

Celeste & Sterling Fromals & Bridals, Tibble Fork | Utah Photographer

When I started photography, I knew it was important to do what I can to reach out and make connections with other vendors in the industry. That's about the time when I learned about styled shoots and working with models.

Dary and Fam, Utah tree lot| Utah photographer

Meet Dary and her amazing family! I met Dary almost 7 years ago when I started a new job and she was one of my first supervisors. Wow does time fly!

Co-Parenting-the good the bad & the even better | Utah Photographer |

It's been over 3 years since Darrick and I separated. Never in a million years did I think I would be on the other side of the camera taking pictures of him and our boys. If you would have told me I'd be photographing them I would have looked at you like you were crazy! Like most divorces, ours wasn't easy at the beginning. There was a lot of pain, hurt and feelings of betrayal. Most days we couldn't even have a normal conversation without feeling like one person was attacking the other. 

W Family | Utah Tree Lot, Utah Photographer |

I've loved doing sessions at tree lots for several years now! However, I always seemed to put them on the back burner so I always miss out on doing them. This year I decided to change that! I wanted to make sure I set time aside to do more than I normally do and I did!

Caroline & Anthony Salt Lake City Temple First Look |UTAH WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER|

These past couple of years have been interesting with everything I have going on in my personal life. I’m gearing up to start blogging my sessions more. Blogging has always been on the back burner and this year I’ve made it a goal to set time aside and share all of these fun sessions I get to do. 

Boymom, condo owner and more!

A little about me. I’m originally from Venezuela but have lived in Salt Lake City, Utah my entire life. I absolutely love it here! I’ve traveled to different states and while I love exploring new places, nothing screams home to me more than Utah <3

Want to know about future events & discounts? Tips on locations? Let's stay in touch!

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